A Visitor's Guide to the Magical Streets of Prague

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Are you looking for a spectacular destination where you can immerse yourself in architectural wonders, sample some of the most delicious cuisine Europe has to offer, and explore bustling city streets? Look no further than gorgeous Prague. The city's winding cobblestoned alleys are full of magical discoveries that will leave you enchanted by its unique beauty, culture, and history. From royal palaces to traditional beer halls, there’s something special around every corner that makes exploring each one even more rewarding. To help plan your next visit to this stunning city, we have put together a guide on exactly how to experience the amazing sights and activities Prague has available so that you don't miss out on anything!

Discover the cobblestone streets of Old Town Square

Old town Square, Prague, Czech Republic, Czechia
A view of Old Town Square from above

Prague is a magnificent city that seamlessly blends old and new. A perfect place to explore this contrast is Old Town Square, where the cobblestone streets take you back in time. For centuries it has been Prague’s most cherished public square and offers plenty of activities for visitors. The historic buildings surrounding the square have well preserved their original charm while the locals mingle over coffee and cake at one of the bustling cafés. Outside, lively buskers are often performing on the street corners along with street sellers offering souvenirs, so don’t forget your wallet! Whether day or night, Old Town Square has something to offer everyone.

Wander through Mala Strana and explore its hidden gems

mala strana Prague
Mala Strana, Prague

Prague's Mala Strana is a hidden gem that offers charm and beauty to those who wander through it. This lesser-known Prague district winds its way through the cobbled streets, traditional red-roofed houses, and numerous gardens and parks. The area is steeped in history, with ancient architecture serving as a backdrop to the many museums, galleries, theatres, and cafes one can find in Mala Strana. These attractions give visitors a unique insight into Prague's past and present culture - all while taking in gorgeous views of Prague Castle and the Vltava River. As one wanders through the streets of Mala Strana, they will be treated to an abundance of local culture sure to leave lasting memories for years to come.

Marvel at the Gothic architecture of Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge, Prague
Charles Bridge, Prague

Prague is captivating for many reasons and one of the most prominent attractions is Charles Bridge. This celebrated Gothic architectural treasure stretches across Prague's Vltava River and offers stunning historical views of Prague from either side. Built to connect Prague Castle with the city's lesser quarter in 1357, it is considered to be Prague's longest-standing bridge. During a visit to Prague, be sure to marvel at Charles Bridge's Gothic architecture featuring 16 Baroque statues appointed during the 1700s. As an iconic symbol of Prague, Charles Bridge provides breathtaking views and an experience that visitors won't soon forget.

Take a stroll down Wenceslas Square for some shopping or sightseeing

Wenceslas Square at night
Wenceslas Square at night

Prague is well-known for its ancient architecture and vibrant atmosphere, with Wenceslas Square being one of the most popular attractions in the city. This square is full of life and energy, offering locals and tourists alike fantastic opportunities for shopping, sightseeing, dining, and entertainment. From street vendors to high fashion boutiques, there's something here to meet everyone's needs. Restaurants featuring international cuisine line the streets, while Prague's renowned theater and concert venues provide a variety of unforgettable experiences. Take a stroll down Wenceslas Square and discover all the wonderful sights Prague has to offer.

Visit the iconic Astronomical Clock in Old Town Hall Tower

The Astronomical Clock
The Astronomical Clock

Prague's Astronomical Clock is an iconic attraction in the city and should be on any traveler's list of places to visit. Located in Prague's Old Town Hall Tower, the Astronomical Clock is one of Prague's oldest attractions and has been around since 1410. The clock's face shows not only the time, but it also depicts the movements of the sun and stars and shows images that change with each passing hour during the day. Taking a tour up Old Town Hall Tower to get a closer look at this historic marvel is well worth it! Plus, there are other interesting sights to explore in Prague along with great restaurants and cafes for visitors to enjoy.

Admire Josefov, Prague's Jewish Quarter with its colorful synagogues and historical sites

The Old Jewish Cemetery
The Old Jewish Cemetery

Prague's Josefov district is a must-see spot for anyone looking to appreciate Prague's heritage. This historic Jewish quarter features streets lined with colorful synagogues and other historical sites, many of which date back centuries. It's an amazing place to wander and absorb Prague's past and present stories, from the 14th-century Old-New Synagogue to the Old Jewish Cemetery with its 12,000 graves of religious and political leaders. With so much history waiting to be discovered, it's no wonder that Prague's Josefov remains one of the city's most beloved and visited districts.

Enjoy an evening out on Parizska Street, full of restaurants, bars, and cafes

Prague is a beautiful city full of culture and history, and a great way to explore it is by spending an evening out on Prague's Parizska Street. This charming street offers a variety of culinary treats from Prague's best restaurants, bars, cafes, and more. It is a great place to walk around or take in some of Prague's most beautiful buildings such as The Estates Theater or the stunning St. Nicholas Church. While shopping is not the main draw here, there are numerous boutique shops and local markets with unique items to browse through when needing a break from all the buzzing eateries and lively bars along the street. There is something here for everyone to enjoy on Prague's Parizska Street - so make sure you don't miss it!


Prague is a city rich in culture, history, and attractions. From the breathtaking views of Prague Castle to the vibrant atmosphere of Wenceslas Square, it's easy to see why so many people flock to this stunning Central European city each year. For those looking for an unforgettable experience, be sure to check out Charles Bridge with its iconic Gothic architecture or explore Josefov's colorful synagogues and historical sites. And don't forget the lively Parizska Street - perfect for enjoying some delicious Czech food and drinks at night! No matter what you choose to do during your stay in Prague, one thing is certain: you'll leave feeling captivated by all that this incredible destination has to offer.

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